Bye Bye 1000 Days, Hello Everyday!

I’ve ended my 1000day challenge. I can almost hear the gasps, but I realized that I wasn’t achieving much at all of all the goals and dreams I had set for myself. My brain just doesn’t function in the long-term, I’m such a last-minute person that if a time-period is beyond a day…no that’s stretching it…a few hours my brain goes into complete chill mode I’ve realized I work better with a 1000 seconds goals rather than days lol, but wait, seconds make it sound sooooo long….more like whatever….I guess the biggest point is that we never know what tomorrow will bring but today is all we have ( and we aren’t even guaranteed that we have it fully either). I guess I’ll concentrate on what I can achieve right now instead of in the future because it’s really what we do now that determines our future right?



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