1000 Day Challenge

I 20160121_120800

I don’t know why I wanted to post a pic of me looking bored but oh well. If you follow me on twitter or maybe chat with me on Whatsapp then you’ve probably noticed that my status is always saying Day something of 1000 Day Challenge (I’m on Day 61 at the writing of this post). We all go through life unconsciously I believe. Living from day to day. And older we get the less aware of time we get. Remember when we were young and time seemed to move so slow? A year was definitely a year and by the end of it you could see the progress. You would have grown taller, started having boobs, started your period etc…You could definitely say you had learned some new things. It looks like after high school time slows down. You lose track of time; then lo and behold…you have become one of those adults you used to make fun of who still talk about the early twentieth century like it was yesterday and the whippersnappers born in 2030 are making fun of you. One of my aims in the 1000 Day Challenge is to envision myself as a baby. Change in a baby is so constant and so apparent you cannot miss it. At one week it’s visibly different to one day. That’s what I’m aiming for, That at the end of each week this beautiful baby will be showing positive change. I’m a young adult now and whatever choices I make at this point in my life could affect the rest of my life so I need to consciously improve my financial, physical, spiritual life etc right now. Start today, don’t delay!

The main goal of my challenge though is to  stop being the person I imagine myself to be and become it. We all have romanticized dreams about the person we could be and what we could be achieving. We all wish that we had the Mida’s touch in everything that we do and that everything we endeavored to do turned to gold. Unfortunately that is not the case. We usually suck when we start doing something. Then after a few years we become good at it. 1000 Days isn’t much and I’m still young. I can do it. Society makes us think that if we didn’t start doing something at conception then you’re just too old. I mean look at Maddie Zieglar freaking dancing like she’s got no bones at 12 and you can barely move your hips at 30. It can be demotivating. But everyone has their own path and it’s never too late to start. This is how I choose to walk my path.

Right now I’ve made progress. I’ve been praying more and working more. And taking leaps in things I was afraid to do before. I feel like I am re-starting my life. I’m also hanging around toxic people a lot less so I feel happier. I’m trying to always be postive. Lol, my blood type is A+…..so I’ll try to be a positive person lol.

That’s it for now. I’ll post more today if I feel like it. KISHU :3


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